The MarketstackD EOS Ram Buying Calculator is a tool for determining how much RAM will cost you to buy.

You can use the EOS Ram Buying Calculator in two ways:

  1. Enter how much EOS you want to use and the app will calculate how much RAM (in bytes) you will receive in return.

  2. Enter how much RAM you want to buy (in bytes) and the app will calculate how much EOS you need to send to purchase this amount, or

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EOS SendRAM Bytes

Effective Price :
Slippage :

Buy with Command Line:

Loading Ram Market Data
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EOS RAM Price per MB

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Spot Ram Price: nan
Ram Token Supply: nan
Connector Balance: nan
Capacity Utilization nan

How Much EOS Do You Want to Spend on RAM?



How Much Ram Do You Need? (In KBytes)


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